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In the ’80s, the book “I, the advertising” by David Ogilvy, was for me and other copywriters like me one of the few manual and sources of inspiration for going through the complex process of finding the right words to write in the headline of a campaign.
Most of the time, the acceptance of those words by the client meant winning or losing a budget.

Most of the time, the acceptance of those words by the client meant winning or losing a budget.  
Time after, acceptance of the same words by the public meant the success of an advertising campaign.

The goal of a good copy was just one: memorization.

Today in the Internet age has been estimated by Facebook that a teenager scrolls daily the height of the statue of liberty in social media threads.
So, memorization is just an impossible game

Every day You meet online a line of text for a very few seconds, and you will not meet that again for the rest of your life.
But you meet them in superpowered media tools. Your telephone, computer or tablet.
So. If you are a copywriter, you should consider making your words like a dragster car. Something that works as fast as possible right there right now.
The goal of a good copy today has become: call to action.

Here are the recipes the ingredients and tools we use in albatrosscube.com in the process to reach that in a repeatable organic manner.
You can use all the ingredients or just one and mix them as you like.

15th July 1944: American writer and war correspondent Ernest Hemingway (1899 – 1961)

1 Grammar.

Ux Writing has to follow a straightforward, linear, no hassle to read grammar.

Hemingwayapp.com is a free app that analyzes the grammar and literacy of your writing and uses a scoring system that evaluates that according to the complexity of reading. 

It takes the name of Ernest Hemingway because the famous writer was known for the simplicity yet efficacy of his writing. 

2 Visual

It has undoubtedly happened to you to receive an email written all in capital letters and have the feeling that the sender is shouting to you. In reality, it can be just someone with no idea of netiquette.

There is a meaning in the choice of fonts. The type, style, size, the distance between lines, capitalization, are playing a pivotal role in the “sound” that is recreated in the brain while reading a line of text. 

Example of Font-choice system by Google Fonts

When the publishing modality gives the possibility to use any form or style or size, the best guidance for the font choices is for us Google Fonts. 
This service from Google not only let’s choose a good variety of fonts but additionally give an interface that made you write your sentence and immediately visually see it declined in all the available fonts. 

Therefore anybody can choose already wich font is more suitable for the text thanks to this visual simulation.

When, instead, the publishing platform has some defined rules, like in Social Media, in that case, we have only basic possibilities. 
We can use Bold text, CAPITALIZATION and the #tagsystem accepted by that social media; overall: hashtags, symbols, and emoticons.

We believe it is better not to exceed the usage since the text can become difficult to read. 

3 Seo 

This topic can fill a whole chapter. 

We believe that, unless specifically required, to take it simple is the best choice. 

Recently in a forum, we could listen to Former employee of Google that is now a consultant for Search Engine Optimization, confirming this opinion.
He recommended to avoid tricks and go for the most common good practices. To use H2 tag size for your titles, fill captions and alt_ text when you add some pictures and so on.

We use the Yoast plugin for any WordPress site. The plugin is easy and intuitive, and provide an analysis of what should be improved and change in your text. 

4 Cross-platform compatibility.

Cross-platform compatibility is a requirement that we have at albatrosscube.com, to evaluate the quality of a text.

The principle is this: A good text should work well in many formats and platforms. It should function in the blog post, in social media posts, or articles and should also work as a text for a youtube video or a podcast.

The reason is simple economics.

Since to develop a good script require resources and time to get paid back, it is necessary to use it in many ways and many forms and more times.


We are getting used to listening to “quantity means quality.”

In Social Media, as in Blogs, frequency and consistency are keys to visibility and recognition.

We believe that to use a proper writing method to organize text in an organic, repeatable, and constant process gives more results than to look for inspiration and effect sentences merely.