Pavla Temrova Real Estate

We have helped an upcoming Real Estate Agency, to reach the premium market brand positioning.
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The Story

Pavla Temrova, the Ceo and founder of PT-Real Estate, is the former PR Manager of a top conglomerate in the Industry, the author of a bestseller book for property investment and one of the most followed bloggers in leading Czech Newspapers.
We have helped Pavla in transferring her personal brand reputation to a friendly, but selective new Real Estate Agency.

For the brand identity of PT- Real Estate, we went with full hands into the toolbox of the United States Real Estate Market.

The PT-Real Estate selling proposition it is not just the ownership of a property, but more the choice of a new environment, new services, and a new lifestyle.
This up-to-date concept that PT-Real Estate is bringing to market, gave us a lot of inspirations and opportunities for producing sensible and elegant content.

The Work

Internal and External properties photoshoot. 3D visualizations. Aerial shooting and video, video presentations, Web design, and WordPress publishing.

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