H2OT – Machine

Generating a customer platform for an innovative heating system
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The Story

The Lab of H2ot Machine, following the specimens of a technology already adopted by the NASA, has developed a new and extremely efficient  heating system.

We are in a work in progress modal to bring this discovery to the Market.

Marketing Activity is crucial for a Start-Up company.
But in general, this requires time and money.
Resources that should be better employed in R&D and patent development, especially in the early stages.

The partnership model that we offer to Start-ups is very simple: Albatrosscube evaluates the potentiality of the business, and when we see real potentialities, we offer to exchange our work with equities of the company.
Thanks to this model, marketing activities don’t add as a cost, but as an asset for the company.
And since the company also becomes ours, we can work in peace…

The Logo Design
The Logo represents the transformation from cold to hot and contains both the word Water ( h2o ) as the word Hot.

The spelling haitch -too -hot represents exactly the functioning of the system: from H2o ( haitch-too-ou ) to hot ( two-ou -t ) . The logo is packaged in a the classic “white electro” Home appliance style.

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Do you own or work for a Start-Up Company like H2OT and you like our work?
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