GF Meccanica

Team and Technology. The concept of ” Racing Scuderia” applied to metal design services
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The Story

A fresh and young company very passionated to satisfy customer requests.

Add Creativity and skills to the State of the Art Technology.
GF meccanica makes components for a range of high tech applications, from Automotive to Aerospace.

We believe that very often the “kick”of the message in a company,  lies within the company itself
In this case it is  a  “team of guys”  that is constantly jogging between Autocad and precision milling machine, did a loud call, undoubtly,  for the vibe of a racing team in the process of entering a Race.
Sure! The matter  that the man in charge, Massimiliano Gasparroni, likes to burn his motorbike tiers on any given sunday over a nearby Motorbike Race Track… that has helped!
Indeed has helped!
Gfmeccanica Hero
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