Why we love Video: #1 The indie lenses.

Those above are Nikon 35mm vintage lens.
What is so special about that?
Purely, that has been modified to shot Movies.
Cinematization, this process, removes the clicking one-stop system from a Photo lens.
Photography lenses were built in a way that the aperture control ring: would change just by steps. Those that we call – light aperture stops –

Cinema lenses have aperture rings that run smoothly around the glass.
To make a Photography lens “cinematized” means to remove the pin of the Stops to make this completely free to move by millimeters, the same as a Cinema lens.

Barry Lindon – Stanley Kubrick

The reasons..
It has been done in the past. Kubrick was a complete estimator of Nikon lenses; his cinematography always had a massive reputation in the sense of Photography.
Many movies of Kubrick included Barry Lindon and Shining had use among others of modified nikon lenses.
Old seventies camera 35 mm lenses included Leica, Canon FD, Carl Zeiss Jena, Konica Minolta, Pentax, and Nikon, are less expensive than comparable length Cinema Lenses,

The cost of a Photo lens from the seventies, for a good copy, lies between 60 and 350 Euros.
Do not get me wrong. There are masterpieces among there.

Frank Horvat – New York City 1980

Many of the photographs that you know from the Masters were token with one of those.

Last but not least: flair, colors, atmosphere.
Those were lens built with film in mind.
Especially the in-focus area is always very contrasty but not digital sharp. The light tends to roll smoothly between highlights and shadow.
So, it is coming out from that a digital file that, when exposed well, looks very very cinematic.

To modify them for Video, consider spending 40 to 65 euros more to add a follow focus ring and to remove the pin of the aperture ring.

Clearly, in video production, there are various price ranges. The sky is the limit or better a Hollywood blockbuster, but there is any range a possible reachable high-quality levels within the budget.

MAX WEBER – Candid of Taxi Driver.

The use of an old photography lens is one of the things that raise the bar in any production. It could be reportages, interviews, short movies.

And this affects the rate of viewing like a good or bad promotional strategy for the distribution. So the investment.
It can be on Social Media, can be on Streaming Services or Youtube.

To experiment with different lenses is a necessity to a Cinematographer to improve his style in Cinema photography.
This to define the message that wants the spectator to see and receives.